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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Reccomended Wedding Suppliers in Wiltshire

Well as we work in the wedding industry and have also had a recent family wedding we would like to share with you some of the vendors we have met and used along the way that we rate highly in our opinion. More will be added so check back for more!


First of let us start by saying that if you think paying money for a wedding DVD is a waste of time as it will sit in the drawer and gather dust then you need to talk to one of our favourite suppliers as they certainly made sure this was not the case for our family.

Not only did they film a fantastic wedding video but also offered us lots of extras such as a blooper reel, conversion to ipod, photo galleries, dvd thank you's and invitations so we could share the build up and the big day with friends online, youtube etc.

But most importantly they also helped us film and co-ordinate a wedding marryoke to the theme of Mamma Mia! We had a fantastic time doing this and would reccomend it to anyone out there who wants their own five minutes of fame! As we are all feeling the credit crunch - they offer payment plans too! So you don't have to go without. Preview our families marryoke filmed by Adam and Marcus.

Although you may imagine forced smiles on the day and a film crew following your every move - it really is not like that. They just shot the day as it happened and really captured some special moments and things we missed. And don't forget their cameras zoom so they can be quite far away and part of the background and yet still capture the action in full, so we did not feel as if they were in our way all the time. We can not rate this highly talented team enough. So our advice is if you want a wedding DVD that is truly outstanding and personalised for you then check these guys out before they get snapped up. They are based in Bristol but have cars and can travel!


A well kept secret we found is the photographer Jonathan Hobson. Based in Malmesbury in Wiltshire Jonathan was an absolute star at the wedding. He offered a range of services which meant we could stay in budget but still have amazing photographs. He stayed with us all day from 7.30am to 11pm!! He is calm, organised, friendly and his work is excellent. As keen photographers ourselves and the bride used to be a wedding photographer - we were a hard family to please - but he did just that! Have a look at his work on



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